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Fix Crooked Teeth

It is natural to appreciate straight white teeth in others, and to want that attribute for ourselves. Today, many people area are choosing veneers for smile enhancement. Where can you find a dentist “near me,” skilled and experienced in the procedure, and eager to answer your questions? In the care of Dr. Michael Stern at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills.

Veneer fundamentals

Veneers are used to correct imperfections in the appearance of teeth, bringing lovely uniformity to the smile. Usually, the four to eight upper teeth that are readily visible when you smile are good candidates. However, a single tooth can be treated, lower teeth, or even a whole arch. Veneers disguise deep discoloration, chips and cracks in enamel, and problems with shape, size, or alignment.

For placement of traditional porcelain veneers:

  • You are numbed to ensure comfort while a few millimeters of enamel are removed from the front surface. This allows veneers to fit flush at the gum line.
  • The doctor takes impressions and sends them to a dental lab, along with instructions for shading.
  • Dr. Stern may protect prepared teeth with provisional composite resin bonding while veneers are fabricated.
  • You return in a few weeks to have the temporaries removed and your new veneers cemented in place.

Lumineers are a good solution for some patients. These ultra-thin veneers do not require reduction of tooth enamel, so they can be removed.

Veneers vs. orthodontics – Do veneers fix crooked teeth

This is a common question that Dr. Stern can answer after a thorough evaluation of your mouth and discussion to understand your goals. Bear in mind that veneers do not change the position of teeth, as braces or aligners do. Rather, veneers improve appearance, without moving teeth. Veneers can close small gaps between teeth and mask minor misalignment. However, veneers are not appropriate for bite problems. The benefit of veneers over braces is that the change is virtually instant, with the procedure requiring just two visits.

To learn more about veneers, call the dentist “near me” in Willoughby Hills who takes a genuine interest in your smile and enjoys answering your questions. Dr. Stern can be reached at (440) 210-0999.


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