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In the absence of natural teeth, replacement is of the utmost importance due to the changes that take place within the jawbone structure over time. The invention of dental implants has brought about significant improvements in the area of tooth replacement. However, replacing all teeth with solitary implants is not a possibility for every person. In fact, polls show that most people still opt for conventional dentures when faced with the need to replace all teeth.

Over the years, dentures have come to be known as uncomfortable, unstable, and unnatural in appearance. This idea is actually far from the truth. Dr. Stern trained under one of the most skilled, renowned denture designers in the field of dentistry. Our patients seeking tooth replacement are in very good hands when dentures are to be made.

Removable dentures rely on the fit your dentist is able to accomplish. Dr. Stern goes beyond taking standard impressions, x-rays, and measurements, knowing that this first step is crucial to comfort, longevity, and functionality. We use a number of techniques to get an accurate view of the oral cavity as well as bite structure so that the new dentures are very comfortable and stable. Taking the extra time from the onset of care, Dr. Stern is able to accomplish the goals of dentures, which should not only replace the aesthetic aspect of teeth, but their structural support as well. Many people who have been properly fitted with high-quality dentures report feeling near natural function from their appliance. Whether you have worn dentures for years, or are in need of first-time tooth replacement, you will find the level of care at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills to be excellent.

Dr. Stern has been crafting well-fitting dentures for many years, and enjoys helping patients find their most suitable form of tooth replacement. The fit we can accomplish is unparalleled by any other denture appliance, leaving our patients feeling confident in their ability to speak, smile, laugh, and eat. This high standard of denture design carries the benefit of lifting the face, keeping contours more youthful and natural through internal structural support typically only possible with natural teeth or dental implants.

If you require a smile renovation with dentures, Dr. Stern at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills has a solution that will create the kind of support you deserve. Our goal is to give our patients security in their smiles, as well as a high level of comfort and attractiveness. If you live in the Lake County area, contact us for your denture consultation with one of the best!

Perfect Lower Dentures with Dr. Michael Stern

Modern Dental Options for fearful Dental patents by Dr. Michael Stern.
Dr. Michael Stern explains that even before implants took place in dentistry he came up with a solution to have perfect lower Dentures. To get more details about lower dentures, call Dr. Michael Stern at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, OH today and fix your appointment.
Video Transcript Why are lower dentures so unstable?
Lower dentures are probably the worst thing that any patient or dentist that do dentures can deal with. The denture at best is going to fit like a row boat that is out in the ocean during six-foot waves. That is the visual idea of how they fit.

The lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe, so you don’t get a lot of potential for suction or stability, because unlike the upper jaw the lower jaw moves when you talk, its got saliva glands all around which would tend to make you lose any minor suction that you do have. We tell people that the only thing that holds it in place is probably gravity.

What type of lower dentures do you provide at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills?
A long time ago I came up with a solution and this was before there were implants. It was to put something heavy in the lower denture. So we put a metal casting to reinforce the dental appliance making it heavier and thus it would make it stay somewhat better.

What are the benefits of mini dental implants?
20 years ago, someone came up with miniature dental implants. Mini dental implants have been around for about 46 years.

With two of the regular dental implants you can put attachments to the end of the implants right at the gum level and put the corresponding matching appliance to the denture and it snaps together. With a couple of conventional mini dental implants, you can have a lower denture that stays in so well.

The implant success rate is very good. Lower implants according to recent data are still functioning well. After a 46-year period 98% of them are still there.

Are mini dentures more convenient to get?
With a mini dental implant even if there is very little bone left you can very comfortably place 4 of these in the jaw in one visit and have the lower denture converted to snap to these miniature dental implants all in may be 2 or 3 hours.

These are much less invasive to place and can be done in a general dental office. The cost can be as half the cost of traditional denture implants.

Dr. Stern at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills has a solution that will create the kind of support you deserve.

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