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In House Dental Plan

Dr. Stern and our staff are interested in providing our patients with outstanding dental care. We have taken steps to enable you and your family to more easily get the care that you need at the most affordable cost. Learn more about our in-house dental savings plan.

In House Dental Plan at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills - Dr. Michael Stern

In House Dental Plan at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills - Dr. Michael Stern
In House Dental Plan at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is explained in detail by Dr. Michael Stern in this video. If you are someone looking for In House Dental Plans near Willoughby Hills, OH, Dr. Michael Stern is who you are looking for.
Video Transcript Our In-house dental plan is a great option we started it many years ago and we felt was a lot of patients just because they didn’t have insurance they couldn’t come to the dentist.

What we have seen now is that the dental insurances are a pain so little or so many stipulations and patients get frustrated with them so with a lot of people working at home or for themselves we are finding that this In-house plan is gaining in popularity.

We have numerous patients on it and out of everyone that is on it we have seen only one or two of them over the years who have not resigned. About 90% of people are resigning and their family members are joining it to because there is no waiting period and limited exclusion of options. We are at least providing them care covered 100%.

With this plan, you get two cleanings anytime in the year, unlike standard insurance, a lot of them have a 6 months clauses in there. You get exams again two per year anytime. You get your cavity detecting x-rays and even diagnostic x-rays which some insurances do not cover them at 100%. You get full mouth x-rays which we call panoramic x-rays.

Also, get fluoride which again most insurance standard plans do not cover it for adults. Fluoride is important for decay reductions and cutting down on those cavities that you have to come back for.

In addition to that, you also get 15% off practically all our other fees. The only exclusions are cosmetics likes veneers, even Ozone you get $500 off. So it is a really good benefit that has all included.

Patients who participate in our Dental Savings Plan, experience:

  • No maximum per year.
  • No deductibles.
  • No claims to submit.
  • No pre-authorization.
  • No limitations for pre-existing conditions.
  • Free consultations.
  • No waiting for treatment.

Dental Savings Plan Premiums

(*each family member after 2+ $350.00)
(*each family member after 2+ $350.00)
Perio Maintenance Single Adult
(3 Perio Cleanings included in this plan)

** 5% off next years' premium with Auto-Renewal Policy! Ask us how!!
Benefits Inhouse Dental Insurance
No Annual Max 🗸
No Deductible 🗸
No Waiting Period 🗸
No claims to submit 🗸
No downgraded benefits 🗸

What the Dental Savings Plan includes:

Diagnostics and X-rays

  • Comprehensive examination for new patient - 100%
  • Periodic Exam (2 per year) – 100%
  • Panorex (every five years) - 100%
  • Periapical x-rays (1 set per year) - 100%
  • 1 set of Bitewing x-rays per year - 100%

Preventive care

  • 2 dental cleanings per year - 100%
  • After the first two cleanings, any additional cleanings in a year are 15% off
  • 2 fluoride treatments per year - 100%
  • 15% off dental sealants

Other procedures that receive a 15% discount include:

  • Fillings and Core Buildups
  • Crowns
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dentures and partials
  • Dental implants
  • ClearCorrect* - $500 off
** For Orthodontics: Member must remain a plan member for the duration of treatment to retain discount plan benefits

** Certain cosmetic procedures may be excluded, ask us for more details

Exclusions and Limitations

Our Dental Savings Plan is not an insurance plan, it has been designed to provide a way for our patients to obtain the dental care they need at the most affordable rate. The savings plan:

  • Is standalone coverage not to be combined with insurance benefits.
  • Cannot be used in a workman’s compensation treatment plan.
  • Is for use in treatments that lie within our realm of expertise.
  • Cannot be used for treatment with another dentist or specialist to whom we refer.

Program Guidelines

There are no refunds for paid premiums, even if the Savings Plan benefits are not utilized during the participation period.

If a lapse occurs in enrollment, there will be a reinstatement fee of $50.