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Micro Air Abrasion Dentistry

As a conservative, caring dentist, Dr. Stern would ideally like to help patients maintain their highest level of oral health, preventing the development of cavities and other dental problems with ongoing care and lifestyle guidance. There are times, however, when patients come to us in need of restorative care in the way of dental fillings.

Filling cavities both small and large is something that dentists have done successfully for many years. Although this is one of the most basic dental services provided, many people feel anxious about undergoing treatment, finding the administration of local anesthetic and the drilling away of damaged tooth structure unpleasant.

With an eye on patient comfort, Dr. Stern began investigating alternatives to the standard dental filling several years ago. Of his research came NO DRILLING FILLINGS™, a method of treating teeth pioneered and trademarked by our office. This method of filling cavities brings our patients a comfortable alternative for restorative care, and is effective as a treatment in certain areas of damage.

NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ removes damaged areas of tooth structure using a gentle stream of sand and air, functioning like a micro-sandblaster. Not only does this method allow a significant percentage of patients to receive care without the need for local anesthesia, NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ is also gentle and quiet, increasing overall comfort and peace of mind. This technique is highly effective at removing areas of damage, while leaving healthy tooth structure intact.

After the removal of damaged tissue with the NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ technique, we are able to restore the stable chewing surface of the tooth with healthy, tooth-colored materials. The materials we use are incredibly strong, hardening so quickly that our patients are generally able to resume normal speaking and eating immediately, even in instances where more than one tooth has been filled during a single visit.

No Drilling Fillings Preparation tip used for NO DRILLING FILLINGS™.
Decay Area Decay area removed without drilling.
Tooth Restored Tooth restored to normal
strength and function without drilling or anesthesia.

"No needles? No drills? No Kidding!"

NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ incorporates our innovative combination of technique and equipment, allowing us to reduce or completely do away with the need for drilling and injections of numbing medication in many situations. We may not be able to use such techniques for all dental needs, but at least 20% of all filling work can be completed with NO DRILLING FILLINGS™, leading to better dental experiences.

Micro-air abrasion technology at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills

Micro-air abrasion technology at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills
Micro-air Abrasion Technology at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills helps patients with all ages to treat fillings. It got No-Drilling and no pain at all. If you are someone who wants to get a filling done why not try the new technologies available at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills OH by Dr. Michael Stern.
Video Transcript What is no-drills or micro air abrasion filling?
We became interested in Micro-air abrasion dentistry in 1997. The technique is if the filling was on the chewing surface of the tooth or the cavity on the side of the tooth and if it is only a moderate-sized cavity, you use a gentle stream of compressed air mixed with very small particles of sand which the FDA classifies as nuisance dust that means we can breathe them without any harm can clean the cavity.

How is it done?
We have scanners that can tell us how big the cavity is on the surface or in size, we can literally blow the cavity material out with this little stream of air and sand it might take about 15 minutes per tooth. Then we put a filling in there without anesthesia.

Is it comfortable?
Most patients are quite comfortable they will not feel a thing. If they will feel anything at all it will be a small or moderate degree of cold.
Maybe 3% of the people get to the point where they need local anesthesia if so, we can certainly do that.
For somebody who has phobias, we can still do nitrous oxide which makes them even more comfortable.

Will this work for people with dental anxiety?
For people those who are really phobic, this is a good way to ease them into the realm of dental fillings, and obviously, it is good for kids.
Less stress for the patient, doctor, staff and it is a win, win-win.

Dr. Michael Stern talks about Micro Air Abrasion Dentistry

Fiber optic trans illumination cavity detection
Fiber optic trans illumination cavity detection

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