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As advances have been made in dentistry, cosmetic treatments have become more accessible for more people. We love offering treatments to our patients that will help them feel more confident in their appearance. A bright white smile warms the heart and boosts confidence, and teeth whitening treatment can accomplish just that.

Residents of the 44060 and surrounding areas can visit their Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills dentist to remove set-in stains that have accumulated over years. In the dental office, stains are lifted quickly due to the effects of safe, effective bleaching solution. The teeth bleaching method is different than teeth whitening, though we tend to think of them as the same. On a technical level, whitening products essentially polish the teeth with abrasive beads. Bleach from your dentist penetrates the pores in tooth enamel and lightens colored molecules that have settled in.

Professional teeth whitening is neither complicated nor unaffordable. Many people spend more on ineffective commercial products than they would on professional care that gets results in a matter of days. In a single office visit with Dr. Michael Stern, patients can receive an examination that will ensure teeth and gums are healthy and ready for teeth whitening without irritation. Custom fitted trays will then be made from impressions of the teeth. Patients are sent home with their trays and a supply of whitening gel to apply on a daily basis. That’s it. No complicated processes or hi-tech in-office care, patients just wear whitening trays each day until their desired shade has been achieved.

Though the results of teeth whitening can be prolonged with good oral hygiene habits that include rinsing the mouth after meals and snacks, teeth will slowly dull over time. Knowing this, Dr. Stern has instituted the Perpetual White Sale program at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills. Patients who join this program receive a new supply of whitening gel at every six-month visit, allowing them to touch up the brightness of their smile as needed.

Keep your smile looking young and vibrant with professional teeth whitening from Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills. Call (440) 210-0999 today.

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