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Keep Your Smile Healthy & Vibrant

Having a healthy, bright, and whole smile can be a source of confidence for many people, but achieving it is a team effort. While maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine at home is key, it’s still vital to keep up with regular dentist appointments with Dr. Wallace. This way, we can keep your teeth healthy and shiny, while also making sure you have no other dental issues. 

If you’re an Ohio patient from Lake County, Eastlake, Kirtland, Wickliffe, and the surrounding areas seeking a healthier smile, our general dentistry services are designed with you in mind. We can not only help you achieve optimal oral wellness but also ensure the longevity of your natural smile so you can keep smiling for years to come. 

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is the best defense when it comes to fighting against oral infections with treatments that are designed to maintain the health and longevity of your natural smile. Whether that means preventative maintenance, addressing a tooth that has decayed, or ensuring the health of your gums, general dentistry is meant to optimize the health of your smile. Learn more below about the general dentistry services we offer to ensure your smile is in pristine condition.

Preventative Dentistry

With preventative dentistry, our goal is to prevent the onset of dental problems. A vital part of keeping your gums and teeth in great condition is preventing plaque and tartar buildup. This means that visits to the dentist, once every six months, are crucial in ensuring that Dr. Wallace and our dental staff can provide you with gentle, professional cleanings that remove buildup you can’t reach at home.

At your regular appointments, your oral examinations also include high-tech detection of cavities and an oral cancer screening. To our dental team, preventative dentistry goes beyond dental examinations and cleanings. We work with our patients to integrate healthy lifestyle habits that will promote excellent oral and general health.

No Drilling Fillings™

Our No Drilling Fillings offer patients a comfortable alternative for restorative care. This effective treatment was pioneered and trademarked right in our office. When tooth decay ravages your natural teeth, having the cavities filled is the best way to prevent further decay and protect your oral wellness. However, traditionally, fillings are done with dental drills which can be uncomfortable for patients and can remove your natural tooth structure in the process. 

No Drilling Fillings remove only the damaged areas of the tooth structure using a gentle stream of sand and air, functioning like a micro-sandblaster. Once the damaged tissues have been removed, we’re able to restore the stable chewing surface of the tooth with healthy, tooth-colored materials. That way you can get all the benefits of a restored tooth without the pain.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

Keeping your gums healthy is an essential part of your oral wellness. Your gums protect you from bacteria and keep your teeth secure. If they become infected or damaged, it’s essential to treat them as early as possible. 

If you suffer from gum disease, we provide non-invasive, non-surgical gum disease treatment as often as possible. We utilize Perio-protect, a system in which we provide ongoing gum disease treatment, promoting a healthy oral balance. If you’re suffering from a more severe case of gum disease, you may require additional treatment.

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines aren’t normal and can indicate a number of things which is why it’s important to seek professional treatment. Some headaches and migraines are the results of underlying tension. 

Along with being extensively trained in cosmetic and general dentistry, Dr. Wallace also has a vast amount of training in pain management. If you’ve been dealing with the pain of chronic headaches or migraines, we offer treatment options besides pain medications.

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