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Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is your dental practice in Willoughby Hills where you can receive dental care in a friendly, calm atmosphere specially designed for patient comfort. We live in a high tech society, and gain great benefits from the use of advanced technology in dentistry. However, we believe that, to deliver the ultimate in dental care, personal, high-touch service is a must.

Over the past year, our office has been reinvented to tailor care to patients of all ages. You deserve to receive care from concerned, compassionate dental professionals who put your personal wellbeing before all else. We provide some of the best care in the Greater Cleveland area, ensuring that the oral health of our patients is promoted with personalized treatment plans based on specific needs.

Highlights from our Patient Appreciation Event, 2019!


The Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills director and staff have been extensively trained, with Dr. Stern holding an education in microbiology as well as dentistry. Specifically trained and board-certified in pain management, Dr. Stern has also completed graduate courses in local anesthesia, far beyond what is required to practice general dentistry.

Members of our staff have been trained at the Ritz Carlton Institute, gaining valuable skills in leadership from the best of the best. We have also engaged in continuing education seminars conducted by leaders in dentistry on both coasts of the United States. Our commitment to the highest level of care cannot be overstated, and our patients feel this in their visits, as they are given the time and attention they deserve. It is our job to serve our patients, and this is what we love to do. Helping you feel better about the health and beauty of your smile changes not only your life, but ours as well.


A comfortable, well-appointed waiting area with a beverage center.
Free Wi-Fi.
Welcoming treatment rooms that include blankets, pillows, cable television, satellite radio, and noise-cancelling headphones.
Complimentary relaxing gas in our treatment rooms.
Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills treats people of all ages, teaching our youngest patients the ways in which oral health is maintained, assisting parents with at-home hygiene practices for their children, assessing bite and alignment, and creating custom, removable devices for young patients, which may help avoid the need for braces later in life. Our hygiene team provides excellent cleaning services and ultra-effective fluoride treatments ideal for those prone to cavities. We work with patients to create their best smiles through preventive and restorative measures when necessary, including mercury-free dental fillings, metal-free dental crowns, dental implants, and custom-fitted denture appliances.

In addition to carefully attending to our patients’ dental needs, we provide excellent solutions for concerns such as chronic headaches or migraines and premature aging. Yes, when you visit your trained dentist, you can improve appearance and minimize the effects of aging along with zoom tooth whiting, Clear Correct, and Ortho-Tain. Dr. Stern and our registered nurse have completed specific training and have ample experience on which our patients can rely.

As a skilled family dental practice with over twenty-four years of local service, we create lasting relationships with our patients and that is highly rewarding. Our pledge of excellence shows. We look forward to serving your dental needs.

Contact Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills today to meet our team!

Michael D. Stern, D. D. S., F.A.G. D.

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