Headache & Migraine Treatment in Willoughby Hills, OH

Dr. Wallace of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is not only an extensively trained general and cosmetic dentist; he has a vast amount of training in the area of pain management. Many people do not realize that chronic headaches may be related to the neuromuscular structure that makes up the jaw, and they find very little in the way of relief with conventional headache remedies.

If you have felt the frustration of chronic headaches, including migraines, and are unsatisfied with the treatment options you have found, it may be time to schedule your consultation with our dentists in our Willoughby Hills dental office. There are options besides pain medications, and we have them!

More than 40 million Americans feel the effects of chronic headaches. In recent years, an innovative, non-invasive treatment option has been developed, providing freedom from discomfort for millions of people. Today, our dentists provides treatment with a device, the NTI-tss system. Featured on Good Morning America, NTI therapy addresses the underlying issue of chronic headaches, the clenching of the jaw that occurs during sleep.

Developed by a dentist who experienced daily headaches for twelve years, the NTI-tss nighttime appliance has been extensively studied before receiving FDA-clearance. In studies, 82 percent of clinical trial participants experienced a 77 percent reduction in frequency of headaches.

The NTI-tss appliance works by reducing the impact of nighttime clenching, something that all humans do to some degree. Those who suffer from migraines, studies have shown, tend to clench more intensely, placing a great deal of pressure on the jaw and the muscular structure that wraps the head. The device does take some getting used to, but most patients find it comfortable to wear within just a few days. Considering the incredible reduction in headaches possible with NTI therapy, the time it takes to become acquainted with the device is well worth it.

Headaches, no matter how often you have them, are not normal. Many people who suffer from migraines miss the fact that the daily headaches, though they feel mild, are indicative of underlying tension problems that require care. Dr. Wallace with his extensive background in pain management can help you find ways to handle chronic headaches. Contact us today for your consultation.

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