Protect Your Health With No Drilling Fillings

As a conservative, caring dentist, Dr. Wallace would ideally like to help patients maintain their highest level of oral health, preventing the development of cavities and other dental problems with ongoing care and lifestyle guidance. There are times, however, when patients come to us in need of restorative care in the way of dental fillings.

Filling cavities both small and large is something that dentists have done successfully for many years. Although this is one of the most common dental services provided, many people feel anxious about undergoing treatment, finding the administration of local anesthetic, and the drilling of damaged tooth structure unpleasant or intimidating.

Wanting to emphasize patient comfort in their practice, our dentists began investigating alternatives to the standard dental filling several years ago. The result of his research became NO DRILLING FILLINGS™, a method of treating teeth pioneered and trademarked by our office. This method of filling cavities provides our patients a comfortable alternative for restorative care and is effective as a treatment in certain areas of damage.

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No Needles? No Drills? No Kidding!

NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ combines our innovative technique and state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to reduce or completely eliminate the need for drilling and injections of numbing medication. We may not be able to use such techniques for all of a patient’s dental needs, but at least 20% of all filling work can be completed with NO DRILLING FILLINGS™, leading to better overall dental experiences.

no drilling fillings

Preparation tip used for NO DRILLING FILLINGS™.

no drilling fillings

Decay area removed without drilling.

No drilling fillings

Tooth restored to normal
strength and function without drilling or anesthesia.

Micro-Air Abrasion Technology At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills


NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ removes damaged areas of tooth structure using a gentle stream of sand and air, functioning like a micro-sandblaster. Not only does this method allow patients to receive care without the need for local anesthesia, but NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ is also gentle and quiet, creating a calm and peaceful experience. This technique is highly effective at removing areas of damage while leaving healthy tooth structures intact.

After the removal of damaged tissue with the NO DRILLING FILLINGS™ technique, we are able to restore the stable chewing surface of the tooth with healthy, tooth-colored materials. The materials we use are incredibly strong, hardening so quickly that our patients are generally able to resume normal speaking and eating immediately, even in instances where more than one tooth has been filled during a single visit.

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Get Your Cavities Filled With Dr. Wallace

Living with untreated cavities does more than cause you pain—it can lead to irreversible damage and jeopardize the integrity of your smile. With NO DRILLING FILLINGS™, you don’t have to feel anxious about seeking treatment. At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills we are here to help our patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile they can be proud of.

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