Dental Technology in Willoughby Hills, OH

Transforming Smiles With the Latest Innovations in Dental Technology

In a world driven by technological progress, dentistry is no exception. The latest innovations in dental technology are revolutionizing oral health care, from digital x-rays to advanced imaging and minimally invasive treatments. At Smile Brighter, our Willoughby Hills,OH dentist, Dr. Phillip Wallace utilizes a variety of dental technologies to effectively brighten your smile. 

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What Is Dental Technology?

Dental technology encompasses a wide range of tools, equipment, and techniques designed to enhance the practice of dentistry. These advancements leverage cutting-edge science and engineering to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and overall experience for both patients and practitioners.

Our Dental Technology


As a totally digital dental office, our dentists use low-radiation digital cavity x-rays. We’re also one of the first offices to use the no radiation NIR computer-enhanced Dexis CariVu system to diagnose cavities and cracked teeth more accurately and earlier than ever before.


Using a fiber-optic trans-illuminator, our dentists can accurately diagnose dental caries. The device moves seamlessly over teeth, concentrating a beam of light onto the tooth surfaces.This light is able to detect cavities that have developed not only between teeth, but also beneath restorations or cosmetic dental work such as bonding. Our trans-illuminating diagnostic tool also aids in the detection of tooth fractures.


X-ray technology has advanced significantly over the past few decades. Today, we’re able to gain a better view of all areas of the mouth while also improving patient comfort, and decreasing our carbon footprint on the environment. Digital imaging is fast and convenient, and emits very low levels of radiation, making X-rays far safer for the patient and our staff. 

Advanced digital imaging also eliminates the need for dental films and the chemical used for processing. Because images are immediately available for viewing on our in-house computer system, we can show patients the results of X-rays, giving them a better understanding of their dental needs.


Detecting cavities in their early state is ideal and being able to repair the damage from small cavities is made easier with micro-air abrasion. This technology, which delivers a stream of microscopic particles to the damaged portion of a tooth, replaces the need for drilling in many cases, as the particles gently remove decay with great precision. With air abrasion, the noise and vibration of the dental drill can be eliminated. Many people find they can go through the dental filling process without anesthesia, eliminating injections, even if more than one tooth needs repair.


One of our biggest priorities is patient comfortability. One way in which we deliver the highest possible quality of care is to use tools that help us achieve greater comfort. The Vibrajet anesthesia system eliminates the mild pinch that’s felt with the application of local anesthetic. Even with numbing cream, many patients report finding injections painful. With this small tool, sensations of pain are blocked, as slight vibration stimulates the nerve endings during injections.


Research has shown that the use of lasers in addition to scaling and root planing significantly improves the results from non-surgical treatment of gum disease. The use of lasers in dental treatments aids in the reduction of pain, bleeding, and post-treatment swelling.


Oral DNA testing is an advanced technology that provides quick, simple saliva testing for patients, allowing our dentists to identify the likelihood of gum disease development. Those who are being treated for gum disease can also benefit from oral DNA testing, as it’s a way to determine the most suitable form of treatment based on the specific types of bacteria at work in the mouth.

Experience the Latest Dental Technology at Smile Brighter

Incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into our dental practice has revolutionized the way we approach oral healthcare. From precise cavity detection with the Dexis CariVu system to the comfort-enhancing Vibraject anesthesia system, each advancement plays a vital role in ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care.

If you’re looking for quality and advanced dental care, schedule an appointment at our Willoughby Hills, OH dental office today! Your smile’s health and radiance remain our top priority, and with the help of these innovative technologies, we look forward to transforming your dental care for the better.