Treat cavities without drilling in Willoughby Hills

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For some people, just the sound of a dental drill is enough to get their blood pumping. No one wants to deal with cavities in their mouth, but no matter how much you floss or brush your teeth, some people are more susceptible to tooth decay than others. Smile Brighter offers micro-air abrasion to remove decay and fill cavities for a pain-free treatment that does not require anesthetics. Dr. Stern has over three decades of experience practicing general and cosmetic dentistry, and he can treat cavities without drilling for patients in Willoughby Hills.

High tech solutions for your oral health

Like many health issues, cavities start small. In fact, many cavities are invisible to the naked eye. Dr. Stern has invested in advanced technology to help him detect hidden cavities, including low radiation digital x-rays and a cavity detecting laser. This allows our team to treat cavities in the earliest stages to maximize patient convenience, ensure a comfortable filling experience, and preserve teeth for years to come.
Micro-air abrasion is ideal for treating these smaller cavities. It delivers microscopic particles to gently scrape away tooth decay without the need for a drill. Once the decay is gone, we can repair your tooth with composite fillings, which are matched to the shade of your teeth for imperceptible restorations. The entire process is painless, and treatment can take a matter of minutes for each cavity.

Early detection

Unfortunately, larger cavities may still require drilling. However, routine dental exams will allow our team to check for signs of tooth decay and gum disease before they require more costly and uncomfortable interventions. Dr. Stern can treat larger cavities with conventional means and help your get your oral health back on track. As part of our commitment to a comfortable visit, we offer nitrous oxide at no added cost and cable TV and satellite radio to help you deal with anxiety.

He will also educate you on the best ways to care for your teeth at home and give you tips on better eating and drinking habits to preserve your teeth. Contact our office in Willoughby Hills at (440) 210-0999 today to learn more about treating cavities without drilling. After all, your smile depends on it.
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Success Stories

I have been going to Dr Stern for at least 10 years and have to say he treats his patients like royalty! It has always been a pleasurable experience and he has the latest and greatest technology for various procedures. Going to the dentist needs to be a great experience and I’d consider going here a must! It’s always a bonus when you get a perfect report on your teeth too:)

~ Dawn Semancik