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Dr. Michael Stern pioneers new cavity filling without drilling technique in Willoughby Hills

Cavity Filling Without Drilling in Willoughby Hills area

At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, Dr. Michael Stern and his team realize the anxiety and stress that can race through a patient when they are informed that there is a cavity that will need a filling. This anxiety could be due to the needles used for local anesthetic or from the drilling needed to treat the cavity itself. Dr. Stern wants you to leave that stress and anxiety behind. Dr. Stern and his staff are offering No Drilling Fillings, a comfortable alternative that will help eliminate patient stress.

Cavity Filling Without Drilling – How Does It Work?

Using a gentle stream of sand and air, Dr. Stern can remove the damaged area of the affected tooth. Think of it as a procedure like a sandblaster, but at a drastically reduced scale meant for dental work. The process is gentle and quiet, reducing that anxiety a patient normally feels when leaned back in the dentist chair listening to the loud, awful noises a traditional dental drill makes. The process is highly effective and efficient at removing the damaged areas, while allowing the healthy tooth structure to remain intact.

Restoring the Tooth

Once the damaged tissue has been removed using the No Drilling Fillings procedure, it is time to restore a stable chewing surface for the patient. Dr. Stern can accomplish this using strong and durable tooth-colored material. This material is designed to harden very quickly, allowing the patient to resume normal activities such as speaking and eating almost immediately. This is true even in situations in which multiple teeth have had to be filled during a single visit!

A Pioneer in Filling Technology

No Drilling Fillings have been developed 100 percent in house through intensive testing and research by Dr. Stern and his team. They truly are pioneers in this method and are confident that you will love this new method for receiving a filling. This method incorporates an innovative combination of technique and equipment, allowing Dr. Stern to completely remove the need for drilling and injections, resulting in an experience that every patient will feel completely at ease with. Please keep in mind that not all situations will be appropriate for this new technology. Dr. Stern has found that no drilling fillings have applied to about 20% of the work that he does for patients while traditional techniques are still considered necessary for larger areas of decay. This is just another reason why detecting decay in its earliest stages is advantageous for patients. Early detection not only will ensure that more serious procedures (such as a root canal) need not be taken, but now it also means you can take advantage of this more conservative and gentle technique for decay removal.

If you are looking for a dental experience devoid of the usual stresses associated with going to the dentist, please call Dr. Michael Stern at (440) 210-0999 today to set up an appointment.


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