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Willoughby Hills area dentist explains the benefits of a dental implant

Best dental implant from Dr. Stern in Willoughby Hills area

One of the most popular tooth replacement options available at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is the dental implant.

The dental implant explained

Dr. Michael Stern describes the dental implant as a tooth root replacement made of biocompatible titanium. This material works with the body, not against it. This small post is surgically placed into the bone of the jaw and stimulates the process of bone growth through osseointegration. This holds the implant firmly in place. Once the process has completed, the implant can be restored using a crown, bridge, or denture.

Why choose a dental implant?

Dental implants have many benefits, which make them the ideal replacement for many patients. Implants are:

  • A great value and investment in the smile
  • A restoration that can last a lifetime with proper care
  • Stable and durable
  • Compatible with the body
  • Effective at restoring the smile’s functionality
  • Aesthetic and appear as natural teeth

Who is a candidate?

Patients who are interested in dental implants are encouraged to schedule an appointment to determine their candidacy. Dental implants do require that patients have sufficient bone for successful placement. This is required for the implant to hold in place and provides the solid foundation for the restoration. Dr. Michael Stern may suggest alternative treatments for patients who are not candidates, or discuss the benefits of restoring the bone with bone grafting. This can prepare the jaw for the placement of dental implants in the future if patients are serious about moving forward with this specific restoration.

Interested in finding out if a dental implant is right for you?

Now is a great time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Stern and the team of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills. The practice can be reached at (440) 210-0999 and is conveniently located at 34500 Chardon Road, Unit 1.
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