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Great-fitting dentures near Willoughby Hills

Dr. Michael Stern is the dentist for patients near Willoughby Hills

An estimated 20 million people in this country wear dentures. Unfortunately, many of them do not enjoy the comfort and confidence that they could. If you are looking for dentures near Willoughby Hills, consider a dentist who takes extra steps to design prosthetics that fit and feel as good as they lookDr. Michael Stern.

Things you may not know about dentures

Many people feel they just can’t adapt to wearing dentures. The dentures look or feel too big, cause gagging, wobble, rub sore spots, or slur speech. The problem is usually not your ability to adapt, but rather the design and fit of dentures.

Here are some things you should know about denture fit:

  • Immediate dentures require adjustment – Immediate dentures are designed in advance and inserted immediately after the teeth are removed. They help to protect your mouth as it heals, and you don’t have to be seen without teeth. However, extractions cause some swelling. Immediate dentures must be relined to adjust fit, once healing is complete.
  • Loose fit can cause gagging – When dentures move around, they touch the tongue and back of the throat, triggering this reflex. Gagging is rarely a problem with snug fitting dentures.
  • Bigger isn’t necessarily better – The absence of teeth and resulting loss of bone collapses facial appearance. You may feel that larger dentures help to overcome this problem. However, dentures that are too big touch sensitive tissues in the back of the throat, and a denture that is too long won’t balance properly. A shorter but properly-designed denture supplements gum tissue and supports teeth without extending too far toward the throat.
  • Increased salivation is fit-related – Dentures that do not allow lips to close cause can cause this issue.
  • Implant-retained dentures solve many fit problems – As few as four dental implants dramatically improve the stability of a denture, resolving discomfort and improving functionality.

At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, you get more than great-fitting dentures. You get ongoing care for the life of your smile, with attention to fit that doesn’t end when dentures are inserted. Call (440) 210-0999 for Dr. Stern, the experienced dentist near you.


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