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Increase your comfort with quality dentures in Willoughby Hills, OH

Quality Dentures with Dr Michael Stern in Willoughby Hills OH Area

Missing teeth can make eating your favorite foods impossible, but many patients are frustrated by the lack of care put into their replacement teeth. Dr. Stern draws from over 30 years of experience in dentistry to help patients in the Willoughby Hills, OH, area find quality dentures to restore their smile. Putting comfort first Dental implants can support complete dentures and ensure a comfortable, slip-free fit. They allow Dr. Stern to replace the entire structure of missing teeth fully, so you can eat comfortably and speak clearly without using dental adhesives. They also provide stimulation to your jaw, which will … Continue reading

Dentist in Willoughby Hills Offering Top-Quality Dentures Based on the Needs of Patients

Dentist in Willoughby Hills Area Offering Top-Quality Dentures Based on the Needs of Patients

Dr. Michael Stern and his team at Smile Brighter in Willoughby Hills, OH have been providing quality dentures to patients for years. Patients are consistently satisfied with the dentures provided and the quality care they receive. If you need dentures but not sure where to start, the team at Smile Brighter is here for you. One question that is consistently asked is what type of denture is right? Let us explain a few types of dentures that are currently available to you. Traditional Dentures Traditional full dentures are dentures that replace all the teeth inside your mouth. This form of … Continue reading

Dentist in Willoughby Hills, OH answers, “How important is tooth replacement?”

How Important is Tooth Replacement In Willoughby Hills OH

An estimated 36 million people in this country are edentulous – they no longer have any natural teeth. Dr. Michael Stern stresses the serious negative impact this has on appearance, health, and happiness. For more than 30 years, he has been helping patients in the Willoughby Hills, OH area understand how important tooth replacement is to their quality of life. What happens to bone When you have natural teeth, each time you bite down roots that extend into jawbone send signals to the body saying, “We are working hard and need nutrients to keep bone strong to hold us in … Continue reading

Great-fitting dentures near Willoughby Hills

Dr. Michael Stern is the dentist for patients near Willoughby Hills

An estimated 20 million people in this country wear dentures. Unfortunately, many of them do not enjoy the comfort and confidence that they could. If you are looking for dentures near Willoughby Hills, consider a dentist who takes extra steps to design prosthetics that fit and feel as good as they look – Dr. Michael Stern. Things you may not know about dentures Many people feel they just can’t adapt to wearing dentures. The dentures look or feel too big, cause gagging, wobble, rub sore spots, or slur speech. The problem is usually not your ability to adapt, but rather … Continue reading

Where Willoughby Hills area patients can obtain quality dentures

Quality Dentures Willoughby Hills

Dr. Michael Stern has dedicated his Willoughby Hills area practice to helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles they can be proud of. This means providing services that greatly enhance the aesthetics of the smile while keeping function at its best. When patients are missing one or more of their teeth, they may be at risk for a number of issues. These may include shifting teeth, bone loss, and reduced efficiency in speaking and eating. Patients who are missing teeth should speak with a dentist who can provide restorative options. Restoring the smile after tooth loss as soon as possible can … Continue reading

Willoughby Hills, OH area dentist reviews the advantages of stabilizing a denture with implants

Denture Implants Reviews Willoughby Hills OH

Full dentures that replace an entire arch of teeth may be difficult for some patients to keep stable. They may shift out of place due to poor suction or low-quality dental adhesives. Patients who struggle with their dentures may want to speak to the team of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills in OH. Dr. Michael Stern often reviews with his denture patients the benefits of placing dental implants to secure restorations in place. Dental implants are titanium posts that an oral surgeon will place into the jawbone. These posts help in supporting dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dr. Michael Stern can … Continue reading