What gum disease treatments are suggested for patients in Willoughby Hills, OH?

Patient with gum disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a condition that can occur due to poor oral health care. When patients do not brush, floss, and maintain regular visits with their dentist, they may be at risk for developing gum disease. For proper diagnosis and treatment, patients in the Willoughby Hills, OH area can seek the care and attention of a dentist at Smile Brighter. We have the experience to treat all stages of periodontal disease and the technology to do so in a non-surgical manner, which is why many patients seek the assistance of our practice.
Once patients have been properly diagnosed and it has been determined that they have gum disease, it is important to start with a thorough cleaning. Professional dental cleanings can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria build-up on the teeth, which is a contributing factor to the periodontal condition. This may also include laser technology, which can gently remove damaged gum tissue and stimulate the growth of new tissue, all with FDA-cleared devices.
After the surface of the teeth and gums have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, patients must continue to maintain proper gum disease treatment at home between dental visits. This can be done with the help of Perio-Protect. It is a take-home periodontal kit that uses special medication and trays that are worn for a specific time every day to decrease the number of bacteria in the mouth that may be contributing to the problem. It is imperative that patients follow the regimen closely and comply with instructions to enjoy the reversal of their condition and bring their mouth back to health. While periodontal disease cannot be cured, it can be reversed and controlled to the point where it no longer causes harm to the teeth, gums, and bone.
Patients in the Willoughby Hills, OH area who are seeking a quality dental team to help with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral concerns such as periodontal disease are encouraged to contact the team at Smile Brighter. We believe every patient deserves the opportunity to improve the health and wellness of his or her smile and enjoy the lifelong benefits of beautiful teeth and gums.

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I have been going to Dr Stern for at least 10 years and have to say he treats his patients like royalty! It has always been a pleasurable experience and he has the latest and greatest technology for various procedures. Going to the dentist needs to be a great experience and I’d consider going here a must! It’s always a bonus when you get a perfect report on your teeth too:)

~ Dawn Semancik