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Willoughby Hills area patients ask their dentist about headache relief

Headache Relief Willoughby Hills

In many instances where patients are concerned about chronic headaches and migraines, the underlying issue is often related to dental concerns. Dr. Michael Stern of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills assists men and women who come to his practice seeking effective migraine and headache relief. With an examination, patients can receive a proper diagnosis and find treatment for their condition which reduces the frequency and force of their headaches.

Bruxism is a common cause of chronic headaches and migraines. Bruxism is a condition characterized by the clenching and grinding of the teeth due to muscle tension. This typically occurs overnight as patients sleep, which is why many men and women are unsure of the reason for their headaches. Dr. Stern is trained to recognize problems such as unusual wear on the natural teeth and damaged restorations, which may be an indication of an underlying problem such as bruxism. When patients have been diagnosed, they can start treatment with Dr. Stern for effective headache relief.

In many cases, a treatment known as NTI-tss therapy may be appropriate. This is an oral appliance that the patient wears at night to protect teeth by reducing pressure. Additionally, it helps relieve stress on the muscles which can cause chronic pain and trigger headaches. This FDA-approved device provides a non-medicinal method of pain management and relief, and is easy to use.

Patients in the Willoughby Hills area who believe they may be suffering from bruxism are encouraged to contact Dr. Stern and the dental team of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills today. It is time to enjoy a better quality of life with non-narcotic relief from chronic headaches and migraines. Call today to learn more about NTI-tss therapy.

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