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Dentist in Willoughby Hills area reviews cost and need for migraine treatment

Migraine Treatment Cost And Reviews In Willoughby Hills

At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, we provide more than just general and cosmetic dentistry—we also provide headache and migraine treatment. Patients who are dealing with constant headaches and migraines may find out that it is caused by a dental condition known as bruxism. This is the clenching and grinding of the teeth that can happen at night without one’s knowledge. Additionally, jaws that are not properly aligned, or patients that deal with temporomandibular joint concerns (such as TMJ/TMD) may also be at risk for developing regular unwanted headaches and migraines. When patients are struggling with these problems, they may take the time to speak with Dr. Michael Stern about the options available for treatment.

Dr. Michael Stern reviews with patients the cause of their migraines and works with them to develop a proper treatment plan. For many patients, NTI-tss treatment can help. This is an oral appliance patients wear at night to help protect their natural teeth and realign the jaw to treat the underlying issue of chronic headaches and migraines. The cost of these appliances will vary so it is important to speak with Dr. Michael Stern regarding this treatment and whether or not NTI-tss therapy is appropriate.

The NTI-tss treatment has been approved by the FDA and has been used by many patients with dramatic improvement in the reduction of morning headaches and migraines caused by neuromuscular structures such as the jaw and mouth. When this area malfunctions, it can have a great impact on the overall discomfort patients feel, but oral appliance therapy seems to reduce the number of headaches patients experience over the course of time.

If you have been plagued by chronic headaches and migraines and have yet to find a solution, it may be time to speak to a dentist about the possibility of neuromuscular problems such as TMJ and TMD. Contact Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills today to schedule a consultation visit and examination to learn more about NTI-tss therapy and determine if it can reduce the number and strength of migraine headaches that can occur every month.

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