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Avoid braces with orthodontic alternatives in Willoughby Hills

Avoid Braces With Orthodontic Alternatives In Willoughby Hills

If straightening teeth still recalls obvious and unwieldy braces, rethink your options! Dr. Michael Stern and his team offer comfortable, cosmetically-pleasing orthodontic alternatives to braces in Willoughby Hills.


Like conventional braces, ClearCorrect guides crowded, rotated, or improperly-spaced teeth into correct position. Unlike conventional braces, ClearCorrect doesn’t use metal wires and brackets to place pressure on the teeth, which ultimately repositions them. Instead, Dr. Stern will provide you with a series of clear plastic dental appliances that resemble a night-guard. These aligner trays are customized to your mouth for utmost comfort and precision straightening. You have the freedom to remove these aligners for eating, brushing, and flossing, but it’s important to wear them as recommended by your doctor. A set of aligners will be provided to fit your teeth as they currently sit, so you get used to wearing them without the added pressure of trays that correspond to your customized treatment plan. Think of them as “training wheels” for your orthodontic treatment!


Dr. Stern and his team are big proponents of interceptive orthodontics, or proactively diagnosing and addressing problems before they result in discomfort and more serious conditions that require orthodontic treatment. Ortho-Tain as an alternative to conventional braces involves matching each patient to a specially-designed dental appliance. These appliances are used to reposition teeth or other parts of the mouth and jaw. You or your loved one may be fitted with:

  •         Nite-Guide – For 5 to 7-year-olds, worn nightly over months to guide teeth as the child grows and develops
  •         Occlus-o-Guide – For 8 to 12-year-olds, worn two to four hours during the day and night as these patients transition from primary to adult teeth
  •         Adult Ortho-T – For patients age 12 and older, actively worn one to two hours daily

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