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In the 44061 area, your dentist can repair cavities without changing the look of the smile

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Cavities are one of the most common dental problems experienced by children as well as adults. One of the priorities at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills is to help patients of all ages avoid painful, unattractive dental problems. Our team works with patients on an individual basis, understanding that each smile has unique needs. Though the goal is to prevent cavities, Dr. Stern also offers outstanding care for cavity repair with an eye for the preservation of a natural appearance. For much of the history of dentistry, some sort of metal has been used to repair damaged teeth. At first, gold … Continue reading

Adults can straighten their smile with Invisalign from their dentist in Mentor

Dentist In Mentor

Orthodontic treatment is something that was somewhat limited for many years. Most often, one would see braces on the face of a teenager. Adults who missed getting straighter teeth in their teen years were left to live with misalignment and the problems that go along with it. Misalignment can be distressing for an adult. Hiding the smile is impossible and detrimental to personal and professional interactions. At the same time, bulky metal brackets and wires are very visible, leaving the adult patient in a difficult situation. Today, people of all ages are able to achieve more attractive, healthier smiles thanks … Continue reading

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