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Professional Teeth Cleanings with Dr Micheal Stern in Willoughby Hills OH Area

Not everyone likes to go to the dentist but taking care of your teeth is the only way to prevent issues like gum disease and tooth decay from wreaking havoc on your oral health. Dr. Stern and the team at Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills offer professional teeth cleanings to help prevent gum disease.

Dental check-ups for brighter smiles

Our dental practice is focused on preventative care, and professional teeth cleanings are crucial to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Routine hygiene visits allow us to remove plaque and tartar before they can cause cavities and other issues in your mouth, as well as restore the shine to your teeth. It also allows us to perform thorough exams of your teeth and educate you on ways to improve your home hygiene practices.

We are invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure we can catch problems as they are developing, such as the DEXIS CariVU, an imaging device that helps us spot cavities and microfractures without x-ray radiation. We also utilize the DIAGNOdent cavity detecting laser to highlight areas of decay in tough to spot areas. These advanced can significantly lower the cost of your treatments and the time you spend in the chair.

Putting patient comfort first

Our goal is to provide the most conservative and comfortable treatment options possible for issues when they arise. Because we can spot cavities as soon as they develop, we can often treat them without any drilling using micro air abrasion technology. This allows us to preserve more of your teeth, and you won’t have to listen to the sound of a drill while we do it.


Local anesthetic allows patients to sit through root canals and cavity fillings without feeling any pain, but our Vibraject anesthesia system eliminates any discomfort when it’s time to inject the anesthetic. You can sit back and relax while we work on your teeth without worrying about pain.

The longer you go between dental visits, the more likely problems will develop. Call our office in Willoughby Hills today at (440) 210-0999 to schedule your appointment.


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