What are the common symptoms of migraines for Willoughby Hills, OH area patients?

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One of the most stubborn and debilitating conditions that can occur when we least expect it a migraine. Migraines are extremely strong, painful headaches that can be debilitating. It can cause patients to lie in bed, as they are unable to function while suffering from an episode.
Migraines can be a serious problem for patients, but knowing the signs and symptoms can help them determine when one is beginning and seek treatment as soon as possible. Patients who are having continual problems with migraines may also want to see a doctor to determine the source of the problem. For some patients, it may be something as simple as a dental problem such as TMD or bruxism. A thorough evaluation can help.
The symptoms of migraines can be rather simple to spot. Patients often describe feeling a throbbing sensation in the head, as well as extreme sensitivity to light. They may also feel lethargic and nauseous, which can sometimes lead to vomiting. Auras are typically described by patients who experience regular migraines. This may include the visualization of dark spots, zigzag lines, or colored spots that may make it difficult to see. Patients with strong migraines may also experience vertigo (dizziness), speech impairment, and numbness and tingling of the body. Sometimes these sensations may develop before a migraine attack begins and allows patients the chance to prepare themselves for the upcoming problem.
Migraines can greatly affect one’s quality of life, especially when they are chronic. This is why patients should work with their general practitioner to look further into the migraine episodes to determine the source of the problem and help them find long-term relief. Dr. Michael Stern of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills works closely with patients who are diagnosed with TMD or bruxism, two dental conditions that can result in the development of chronic migraines. Contact our team to book an appointment if your doctor has already determined that your migraine symptoms may be linked to dental health concerns. Our team may be able to provide effective relief with oral appliance therapy, allowing sufferers to go back to enjoying life without migraines!

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