The secret to filling a tooth without drilling in Willoughby Hills, Lake county

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Dental decay (caries) is the number two most prevalent disease, topped only by the common cold. That means most people develop one or several tooth cavities at some point in their lifetimes. Thankfully, they are easily treatable, especially when detected early. The process is fast, straightforward, and precise. When you choose Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills in Lake County, it is also gentle and comfortable. That is because we use air abrasion technology for filling without drilling.

About the dental filling procedure

Filling a tooth cavity takes just a few steps:

  • Diagnosis – Large cavities are easily visible. However, with our DEXIS CariVu and DIAGNOdent technologies, we can detect decay in the earliest stages.
  • Tooth preparation – Decayed enamel and dentin (the layer beneath enamel) is weak and infected. Therefore, it must be removed before a filling is placed. Traditionally, this is done with a dental drill. However, our air abrasion technology allows us to treat most decay without anesthesia, without a drill, and without pain.
  • Filling – The filling materials is applied to your tooth, shaped, and then cured (hardened). We use a metal-free, tooth colored material that mimics the natural appearance of enamel.

How air abrasion works

You may have seen sandblasters used in construction to remove debris such as plaster or paint with abrasives and air pressure. Imagine a very tiny version of this device, which uses microscopic abrasives and precision airflow. That is the concept behind dental air abrasion technology.
Because there is no drill touching your tooth, you will not feel pressure or vibration. Furthermore, it does not heat up the tooth like drilling can. In fact, air abrasion is so comfortable that most patients do not need anesthesia. It is also much quieter; which patients appreciate because the sound of a dental drill is an anxiety trigger for many people.


Discover the difference a “No Drilling Filling” can make

The best way to understand how gentle and comfortable air abrasion tooth preparation can be is to experience it for yourself. If you have a cavity or concerns about tooth decay, give us a call at (440) 210-0999 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Stern.
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Success Stories

I have been going to Dr Stern for at least 10 years and have to say he treats his patients like royalty! It has always been a pleasurable experience and he has the latest and greatest technology for various procedures. Going to the dentist needs to be a great experience and I’d consider going here a must! It’s always a bonus when you get a perfect report on your teeth too:)

~ Dawn Semancik