How Willoughby Hills area patients can treat migraines from TMD

Man with migraine

TMD is a condition that is often seen by dentists in the Willoughby Hills area. Dr. Michael Stern and the team of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills are committed to the health and wellness of patient smiles. When patients are dealing with problems such as migraines and want to treat them, they can seek assistance with a dentist who has the experience in treating chronic headaches and migraines caused by these issues.
Dr. Michael Stern of Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills works with patients who are diagnosed with TMD. Temporomandibular joint disorder is a common problem with the jaw joint. This joint holds the lower jaw to the skull and allows it to open and close for eating and speaking. However, problems may occur with the joint and surrounding muscles, which can result in:

  • Locking of the jaw joint
  • Pain and discomfort of the jaw, neck, or shoulders
  • Chronic headaches or migraines
  • Clicking or snapping of the jaw

Due to this condition, migraines may become a serious, chronic problem and can dramatically reduce one’s quality of life every day. Many patients go to Dr. Michael Stern to find a way to address this problem. In many cases, patients may benefit from treatment with oral appliance therapy.
Oral appliance therapy is a treatment method that can help those who are struggling with TMD. This oral appliance is made of quality plastic, which is worn at night to help realign the jaw joint and keep it from becoming dysfunctional. This can reduce the likelihood of migraines or headaches caused by this joint condition.
If you live in the Willoughby Hills area and are interested in visiting a dentist who provides a variety of services for cosmetic, preventative, general, and restorative dentistry, contact Dr. Michael Stern today. Our team is ready to assist with many dental concerns. Schedule a consultation and evaluation appointment with our team to find out if you qualify for any of our TMD oral appliance therapies, which can reduce problems often associated with this condition.

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I have been going to Dr Stern for at least 10 years and have to say he treats his patients like royalty! It has always been a pleasurable experience and he has the latest and greatest technology for various procedures. Going to the dentist needs to be a great experience and I’d consider going here a must! It’s always a bonus when you get a perfect report on your teeth too:)

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