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Learn how Smile Brighter helps with treating headaches in Willoughby Hills

Treating Headaches at Smile Brighter in Willoughby Hills Area

Few people would think of scheduling a dentist trip if they are struggling with daily headaches or migraines. However, there are two significant ways your oral health can contribute to headaches. Dr. Stern can evaluate your teeth to look for signs of bruxism or bite alignment that may be the root cause of your pain.


Everyone experiences some level of teeth grinding, mostly at nighttime. But nearly one in ten adults suffer from bruxism, or chronic grinding, that wears down your teeth over time and puts extra pressure on your jaw. Not only can this break down your tooth enamel and contribute to tooth decay, but it can also lead to headaches, neck, and shoulder pain, and disrupt your sleep cycle.

Luckily, bruxism has a fairly straight forward treatment. Once he identifies the telltale signs of grinding teeth, Dr. Stern can fit your NTI-tss device. This oral appliance should be worn nightly, and it will improve your resting oral posture while you sleep, as well as relax the jaw muscles and interrupt grinding. Not only will you keep your teeth intact, but you can also sleep more soundly and find relief from headaches in a matter of days.

Bite alignment

Nighttime snoring can be just as troublesome for your sleep cycle as grinding, and it can leave your feeling tired after a full night of sleep, as well as cause headaches and migraines. Poor bite alignment can make it difficult to keep your tongue and jaw in place, which can narrow your airway and lead to snoring. Ortho-train can improve crooked teeth and treat jaw alignment issues for adults and children alike, and you can see results within a year.


Treating your bite alignment will not always fix snoring, but it will improve your overall oral health. It can prevent tooth damage caused by an improper position as well as reduce your risk for TMJ and other jaw issues.

If you are struggling to find relief from headaches and muscle tension, Dr. Stern can help. Contact our office in Willoughby Hills today at (440) 210-0999 to learn more about dental treatment for chronic headaches.


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