At Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills, we serve the areas of Euclid, Willoughby Hills, Concord Township, Mentor, and more with outstanding attention to detail. When the restoration of a tooth or teeth is needed, we provide excellent care in a comfortable environment where patient comfort comes first.

Teeth that have been extensively damaged from a large cavity, a fractured amalgam filling, chips, or cracks, may be best restored with dental crowns. Crowns are fixed caps that encapsulate the visible portion of a tooth, replacing lost tooth structure for near-natural strength. Once a crown has been placed, it will remain there for several years.

Crowns may be used for restorative or cosmetic reasons, covering a tooth weakened by damage, topping a dental implant, or restoring structure after root canal therapy. A dental crown can also be used to mask discoloration that does not respond well to teeth whitening.

Used for many decades, dental crowns have evolved over the years. Where they were once made from gold or metal alloy only, crowns made in today’s state-of-the-art dental labs may be made from materials such as high quality ceramic and porcelain, or zirconium oxide. Should a dental crown be needed, Dr. Stern will discuss your options with you and help you determine the most appropriate material based on your specific needs.

With the exception of gold, we tend to avoid the use of metal in dental restorations. Studies have shown that up to 30 percent of women experience allergies to metal, and men are at risk of allergic responses as well. Gold, although a more costly option, has proven to be one of the very best choices in material for dental crowns. This material tends to produce far less instance of irritation, and produces the kind of fit that facilitates many years of function.

Dental Bridges

Crowns may be used as solitary restorations, or may be a part of the dental bridge. On their own, crowns are placed over existing teeth to restore function. They can also be used in tooth replacement treatment, fitted over the teeth on each side of an empty space left by a lost tooth. Between two dental crowns, an artificial tooth (pontic), sits in the gap.

Dr. Stern has extensive experience in the area of tooth replacement and restoration using dental crowns and bridges. Our labs are licensed, staffed with highly trained artisans, and based right here in the USA. We take your smile seriously. Contact us to experience our high standard of dental care.

Success Stories

I have been going to Dr Stern for at least 10 years and have to say he treats his patients like royalty! It has always been a pleasurable experience and he has the latest and greatest technology for various procedures. Going to the dentist needs to be a great experience and I’d consider going here a must! It’s always a bonus when you get a perfect report on your teeth too:)

~ Dawn Semancik