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Caring for dental bridges and crowns: Willoughby Hills dentist shares tips

Dental Bridges and Crowns Willoughby Hills

A dental restoration represents an investment of your time and money. Naturally, you want it to look great and last as long as possible. Dr. Michael Stern provides top quality care and good advice to help patients in the Willoughby Hills area get the most out of their dental treatment. He shares these tips on caring for dental bridges and crowns.


Dental crowns and bridges are made of strong ceramics. These materials are very hard, but they can crack, break, or become dislodged. Reduce risk by:

  • Only chewing food. Keep fingernails, pens, and other hard objects out of your mouth. Cut or break hard or crunchy foods into small morsels.
  • Avoiding temperature extremes. Do not chew ice. Purchase metal drinking straws (they are inexpensive) to sip cold drinks and hot beverages.
  • Reducing wear. If you clench or grind, ask Dr. Stern about an oral splint to wear at night to reduce force.
  • Protecting teeth with a custom-fit mouthguard during contact sports or physical activities that may cause a fall.
  • Getting repairs promptly. If you think your restoration may be cracked, chipped, or loose, please call Smile Brighter Willoughby Hills right away. Do not try to repair it yourself.


The most important thing you can do to add to the longevity of dental bridges or crowns is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush teeth after eating. Use a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive paste. Give extra attention to the area where the restoration meets the gum – harmful bacteria like to hide there, triggering gum recession and disease.

Floss at bedtime, after you brush. Use gentle motions to avoid loosening crowns. A special floss threader keeps gum tissue clean under a dental bridge. A water flosser is a good addition to your home care tool kit. It uses water pressure to clean around teeth, also stimulating soft tissues.

Please maintain regular professional cleanings and checkups so Dr. Stern may monitor the condition of your mouth and dental work.

These simple lifestyle adjustments aid in the longevity of dental bridges and crowns. In Willoughby Hills, call (440) 210-0999 to schedule treatment with Dr. Stern.

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