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The process of receiving a dental crown from a dentist in Willoughby Hills, OH

Dental Crown Procedure in Willoughby Hills Oh Area

Do you have a weakened or broken tooth in need of protection, restoration, or repair? A dental crown is a wonderfully effective solution to many issues you may be experiencing with your teeth. A dental crown is a cap that is made to fit snugly over a tooth to restore its strength, protecting its integrity, and restoring its size or shape. Dr. Michael Stern and his team at Smile Brighter Dentistry in Willoughby Hills, OH have been performing this procedure safely and effectively to patients facing several tooth issues.

A crown can be utilized to fix several different issues, including:

  • Protection: When you have a tooth, which has become weakened and needs some protection so that is doesn’t break or crack, a dental crown will provide this protection.
  • Restoration: A dental crown is an effective option when a tooth that has already cracked, broken, or worn-down needs restoration.
  • Replacement: When a tooth has a cavity that was extensive enough to require a significant portion of the tooth be removed, a dental crown is effective in replacing this lost material

Dental crowns can also be used to hold dental bridges in place, provide an abutment to a dental implant or for various cosmetic reasons.

Dental Crown Procedure

The process of receiving a dental crown will most likely consist of two dental visits. During the first visit, you may receive x-rays so that the dentist can analyze the roots and surrounding bone of the tooth receiving the crown. Based on what is found, a root canal may be required before a crown can be put into place.

Before the crown is made, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth so that they can reshape the tooth to make room for the crown. Alternatively, if there is not enough tooth material to support a crown, your dentist will have to build up the tooth to support a crown. An impression of the tooth will then be taken (using a paste/putty or digital scanner) as well as an impression so that the crown can be made in a way not to affect your bite. A temporary crown will be put into place and you will be sent home. You will then receive the permanent crown during a second visit.


If you need a dental crown, please give Dr. Michael Stern a call today at Smile Brighter Dentistry. To schedule an appointment, call us at (440) 210-0999.


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